Call for Paper

Dear Colleagues,

The Journal of Membrane Science & Research (JMSR) is now accepting manuscripts and is freely available.

A new online journal, JMSR is for scientists committed to advancing research in membranes technology by bridging various related strong fields: membranes (organic, inorganic, solid, liquid and etc.) and membrane processes (MF, UF, NF, RO, ED, MD, PV, CDI, GP, VP, GS and etc.),membrane formation/structure/characterizationfoulingmodule/process design, and processes/applications in various industries. The journal also seeks to publish critical review and perspective papers.

The Editorial team, welcome the submissions are of the outstanding scientific quality that will engage worldwide discourse and ignite the interest of academics to explore new ways of keeping our world clean and healthy for the future generations through the application of membranes. The Aims & Scope and Guide for Authors can be found on the journal's homepage at:

Papers in Journal of Membrane Science & Research will be published at no processing charge and freely available, online.

We look forward to welcoming you as an author and a reader.


Yours sincerely 
Membrane Processes Research Center (MPRC)