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The Journal of Membrane Science and Research (JMSR) is an Open Access journal with Free of Charge publication policy, which provides a focal point for academic and industrial chemical and polymer engineers, chemists, materials scientists, and membranologists working on both membranes and membrane processes, particularly for four major sectors, including Energy, Water, Environment and Food.

The journal publishes original research and reviews on membranes (organic, inorganic, liquid and etc.) and membrane processes (MF, UF, NF, RO, ED, Dialysis, MD, PV, CDI, FO, GP, VP and etc.), membrane formation/structure/performance, fouling, module/process design, and processes/applications in various areas.

Primary emphasis is on structure, function, and performance of essentially non-biological membranes. The Journal of Membrane Science and Research publishes Full Text Papers, State-of-the-Art Reviews (which should not only summarize the key research contributions in a subject, they should also provide critical evaluation of the scientific literature), Letters to the Editor, and Perspectives (which should provide a focused discussion of an important area of membranes, either related to the science or technology of membranes, emphasizing recent developments, future challenges, and/or new opportunities) and Short Communications, in Open Access form and Free of Charge. Perspective articles will be by invitation only, and they will be reviewed by Editor-in-Chief of the Journal and one member of our Editorial Board. Authors interested in submitting a Review Article or Perspective paper should contact the Managing Editor (editorial@msrjournal.com) prior to submission to discuss the scope and appropriate of the proposed contribution.

Journal of Membrane Science and Research also welcomes submissions describing use of hybrid membrane-based separation technologies such as coupling membrane processes with thermal, sorption and other hybrid unit operations. In addition, the journal considers exceptional research on new membrane materials, processes and technologies; energy consumption in membrane processes, coupling renewable energy with membranes and energy recovery; pre-treatment, post-treatment and integrated systems for membranes; causes, consequences, and countermeasures of membrane fouling and scaling; and technical, economic, and regulatory analyses of full-scale membrane plants.

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