The April Issue (vol. 6, issue 2, 2020) of Journal of Membrane Science and Research is out!

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The Spring issue of the Journal of Membrane Science and Research (volume 6, issue 2, 2020; please click here) showcases remarkable and outstanding membrane researches including a Review paper and 10 other highlighted research papers.


The Spring issue includes a Review paper titled "Modification of Polymeric Membrane for Energy Generation through Salinity Gradient: A Short Review", as well as 10 important and highlighted research papers. The published must-read papers masterfully look into the important issues in Membrane Science and Research.


The research papers deal with "ceramic UF membrane for whey recovery"; "integral asymmetric composite membrane"; "osmotic back-washing for FO membranes"; "a new approach for pH-responsive MF membranes"; "nanocomposite membrane for degradation of Methylene Blue"; "TFC membrane for MD process"; "feasibility of PSu in a polymer inclusion membrane"; "a new UF membrane for protein and lactose Separation"; "novel aminated bipolar membranes" and "new NF membranes for Cadmium remediation". Please read more here


The Journal of Membrane Science and Research is a peer-reviewed international journal with completely Free-of-Charge publication policy in the field. All published papers are open-access and freely available for readers. This journal provides a focal point for academic and industrial chemical, material and polymer engineers and scientists, chemists and membranologists working on both membranes and membrane processes, particularly for four major sectors including EnergyWaterEnvironment and Food.


Journal of Membrane Science and Research has been indexed in SCOPUS.  The journal has been included in the Chemical Abstract data-base. The journal is also being tracked by Web of Science (Emerging Sources Citation Index). We hope you enjoy reading this issue. 


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