Recent Progress on Improving the Sustainability of Membrane Fabrication

Document Type : SI: Membr.Review2020


Energy & Chemical Engineering, Incheon National University, Republic of Korea


Although the membrane process is recognized as a green technology and is considered as a key player in the process intensification movement, it is not widely known that the fabrication of membrane itself generates significant amount of waste. With the growing membrane market, more efforts must be placed on improving the sustainability of membrane fabrication such as replacing toxic organic solvents, minimizing mass intensity of fabrication process, and treating solvent-contaminated membrane wastewater. In this review, recent progresses on improving the sustainability of membrane fabrication have been discussed. In particular, recently-identified green solvents have been compiled, as well as novel methods to apply green solvents to fabricate high performance membranes. In addition, process intensification to minimize solvent waste, and to treat solvent-contaminated wastewater from membrane fabrication process, have been discussed.


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