Supported Liquid Membrane in Metal Ion Separation: An Overview

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1 Iran University of Science and Technology

2 Iran University of Science & Technology

3 Iran University of Science And Technology


Using liquid membrane and, in particular, supported liquid membrane (SLM) is a novel method of separation in comparison to other methods such as adsorption, extraction and ion exchange. SLM is a combination of simultaneous extraction and disposal whose high efciency and capability is proven by many studies. So far, many researchers have utilized SLM in various scientifc felds including analytical chemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry, chemical engineering, biotechnology and bio-pharmaceutics. Dynamic transfer, high selectivity, possibility of expensive carrier usage, low energy consumption and low operational costs are part of the advantages attributed to SLM. In the present paper, previous studies and the latest achievements in designing various modules for metal ions separation by SLM are reviewed.

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Supported Liquid Membrane in Metal Ion Separation: An Overview


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