Review on Mechanism of Facilitated Transport on Liquid Membranes

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1 Laboratoire Reactions, genie des procédéss5LRGP-CNRS-ENSIC, Université de Louraine,Nancy, France

2 Laboratoire des Polymères, Biopolymères, Membranes, UMR 6522 du CNRS, University of Rouen, France

3 Laboratoire Génie des Matériaux Pour l’Environnement et la Valorisation, University of HASSAN II Casablanca, Morocco


Membrane processes are used in various felds such as the environment, agriculture and different industrial sectors. These clean techniques are often adopted for directed processes such as treatment, recovery, valorization and separation. In this review article, the theoretical principles and the different classifcations of liquid membranes, such as supported liquid membranes are discussed. Afterward, the mechanism of facilitated transport, and fnally advantages and disadvantages of this technology are discussed, comprehensively.

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Review on Mechanism of Facilitated Transport on Liquid Membranes


• Principle and classifcation criteria of membranes
• Different type of liquid membranes
• Mechanism of facilitated transport on liquid membranes


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