Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 2, Spring 2018, Page 51-107 

Editorial Note

1. Editorial Note: Membranes for Development

Page 51-52

Bart Van der Bruggen

Research Paper

2. Hyperbranched Polymer Integrated Membrane for the Removal of Arsenic(III) in Water

Page 53-62

David E Vlotman; Catherine Jane Ngila; Thabile Ndlovu; Soraya Phumzile Malinga

3. Physical Backwash Optimization in Membrane Filtration Processes: Seawater Ultrafiltration Case

Page 63-68

Fatma Zohra Slimane; Fatma Ellouze; ghofrane Ben miled; Nihel Ben Amar

5. Nanoparticles Retention Potential of Multichannel Hollow Fiber Drinking Water Production Membrane

Page 74-84

Morgane Lehir; Yvan Wyart; Gaelle Georges; Laure Siozade; Philippe Moulin

6. Insight of Interactions during Uptake and Permeation in Nafi on Ionomer Membrane

Page 85-92

Jayshree Ramkumar; S. Chandramouleeswaran; M. Basu; VrindaDevi K.V

8. Decolorization of Dyeing Effl uent by Novel Ultrafi ltration Ceramic Membrane from Low Cost Natural Material

Page 101-107

Raja BEN AMAR; Mouna khemakhem; Abdallah Oun; Sophie Cerneaux; Marc Cretin; Sabeur Khemakhem