MEMTEK 2019, 18-20 November 2019, Istanbul, Turkey

6th MEMTEK International Symposium on Membrane Technologies and Applications

18-20 November 2019, Istanbul, Turkey



Membranes for water and wastewater treatment

Aerobic and anaerobic MBRs

Dynamic membrane technology

Novel membranes and fabrication methods

Membranes for industrial wastewater treatment

Membranes for liquid and gas separation

Concentrate management

Modeling of membrane processes

Membrane fouling and control

Microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis

Pre-treatment and post-treatment processes

Forward osmosis

Innovative membrane module design

Economics of membrane processes

Resource recovery using membrane processes

Life-cycle analysis and environmental optimization of membrane processes

Process integration and hybrid processes

Membrane distillation and other membrane conductors

Novel configurations in membrane processes

Membrane applications for reuse

Ceramic membranes

Membrane processes and energy



For all questions, comments, inquiries about the symposium, please contact us using the email address provided below.

Symposium Secretariat  Mehmet Emin PASAOGLU - Onur ISIK  Address: National Research Center on Membrane Technologies, Istanbul Technical University Advanced Technology Center, Ayazaga Campus, ZP: 34469 Maslak/─░stanbul/TURKEY

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