Special Issue on Membrane-distillation (MD)

Special Issue on Membrane-distillation (MD)

Guest Editors:

Mohamed Khayet and María Carmen García Payo

University Complutense of Madrid, Spain

This special issue is oriented to the recent progresses made so far on membrane distillation (MD) process in general in all its configurations as well as to its related technologies that include other separation processes (Forward osmosis, Reverse osmosis; Microfiltration; Ultra-filtration; Nano-filtration; Multi-effect distillation; Multi-stage Flash, etc.) and renewable energy systems (Solar energy; Wind energy, Geothermal energy, etc.).

The issue will cover both experimental and theoretical studies as well as simulation in all related fields of MD: membrane engineering; membrane modification; membrane modules; efficient heating/cooling systems used in MD; heat exchangers and condensers in MD set-ups; long-term MD experiments; fouling phenomena; scaling and/or crystallization fouling; treatment of all type of waters including wastewaters of different industries, desalination, treatment of brines, concentration of valuable solutes; etc.

Deadline for submission to this special issue is 31 December 2015. Manuscript must be submitted at www.msrjournal.com.

To ensure that all manuscripts are correctly identified for inclusion into the special issue, it is important that authors select SI: Membrane-distillation when reaching the "Article Type" step in the submission process.