Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 4, Autumn 2017, Page 261-319 

Editorial Note

1. Special Issue: Progress in Membrane Engineering for Food and Biotechnology Industries

Page 261-262

Enrico Drioli; Alfredo Cassano; Lidietta GIORNO

Review Paper

3. Microencapsulation in Food Chemistry

Page 265-271

Bartosz Tylkowski; Anna Trojanowska; Marta Giamberini; Irene Tsibranska; Martyna Nowak; Łukasz Marciniak; Renata Jastrzab

6. Effect of Ethylene Glycol as Pore Former on Polyphenylsulfone Hollow Fiber Membrane for Crude Palm Oil Deacidification through Membrane Contactor

Page 291-295

Noor Hidayu Othman; Ahmadilfitri Md Noor; Mohd Suria Affandi Yusoff; Pei Sean Goh; Ahmad Fauzi Ismail

8. Refnement of Cane Molasses with Membrane Technology for Clarifcation and Color Removal

Page 303-307

Benkun Qi; Yuanyuan Wu; Shiwei Guo; Jianquan Luo; Yinhua Wan

9. Membrane Processing of Grape Must for Control of the Alcohol Content in Fermented Beverages

Page 308-312

Helena Mira; Maria Norberta de Pinho; Antonio Guiomar; Vitor Geraldes

10. Quality of Kiwifruit Juice Clarifed by Modifed Poly(Ether Ether Ketone) Hollow Fiber Membranes

Page 313-319

Alfredo Cassano; Carmela Conidi; Franco Tasselli; Enrico Drioli